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Anxiety Around Family: What to Do During a Family Reunion?

Family gathering is among those special occasions that almost every one of us doesn’t want to miss. But for some, the event would be stressful as there are cases when a person may also experience anxiety around family. There are times that as we are going to celebrate a special family occasion we tend to think about it for weeks and we are very excited to go.

Days before the event, you may also feel pressured about the thought of preparing a nice clothe to wear, finding foods to bring and searching for some nice presents for your aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. But when the day of the event finally comes, you’ll still put a smile on your face and greet everyone cheerfully like you never got stressed thinking about it.

If you’re somebody who is experiencing anxiety around family you’ll agree with me if I’ll say that minutes or an hour of staying with the company of your family, you will be happy to leave. Some causes of anxiety attacks may include feelings of discomfort when being in a group of people that they are not comfortable to be with because they are afraid to commit a mistake and be humiliated. However, such instances seldom happen when we are with our family because there is love, understanding and respect.

The kind of anxiety that we may be feeling when we are around our family is a person’s normal reaction when being faced with uncertainties that might ruin the pleasure of family gatherings. It could be family issues that may be brought up during the conversation which could lead to misunderstandings or conflict. You may also be feeling anxious of being asked a question that you are not comfortable to answer or a matter that you’ll refuse to discuss.

Whatever it is that worries you during a family reunion or gathering, it is important that you will be aware of the proper ways of handling such event for it to be positively memorable. First, you need to compliment your family members about their physical attractiveness, health and weight as it will boost their self-esteems, which puts them in a good mood and they will be nice to you.

Always be sensitive and aware of what can make others feel bad and avoid discussing topics that will frustrate your family members and put them in a bad mood. One good question that you need to practice when you are around your family is: “Can I get you anything?” This way you will offer your assistance and will be able to make a family member happy and share the emotion with the rest.

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