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Anxiety Attacks Causes

Anxiety attacks are caused by literally anything that causes too much worry which could be relationships, health, money, fear of loss etc’. ¬†Although anxiety is natural and common amongst all human beings, uncontrolled levels of anxiety are what cause anxiety attacks. Some studies reveal that anxiety attacks causes could be genetic, biological or medical

It is a situation where the person can no longer control his everyday stress or anxiety and the body and mind react accordingly. The mind controls the emotional symptoms such as anger, restlessness, irritability, lack of concentration etc’. While the body controls the physical symptoms such as: muscle tension, headaches, fatigue, insomnia etc’.

Neglecting the symptoms and not taking action on time can make the situation worse and cause an anxiety disorder where the sufferer experiences false reality and panic attacks. Medication may help the anxiety attacks symptoms but won’t get rid of the core anxious thoughts and worries.

There is a theory that a chemical imbalance in the brain causes anxiety and panic attacks. That theory remains a theory and has not been proven.

The subconscious mind is what feeds your conscious with anxious thoughts. I’ve suffered for more than 7 years from anxiety which lead to panic attacks and social phobia. Anxiety attacks can also transform into other attacks. Therefore it is crucial that you treat them as soon as possible.

Over the years I developed anxiety elimination methods and techniques that stop the attacks immediately and give you peace of mind which I teach. I’ve put together a free report that outlines more anxiety attacks causes which you can find below.

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