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Anxiety Attacks from Work: How Sufferers Interact with their Co-Workers

There are a lot of known causes of anxiety attacks that could change a person’s approach to their daily activities. Some may be able to handle it just fine but for others such condition is quite difficult. These people need understanding and support from their families, friends and co-workers because such condition could also bring fear and depression to these patients.

Anxiety from work is one problem that is linked to social anxiety. People who are dealing with such condition are usually avoiding social interactions or activities. That is why it is common to find a patient who suffers from such problem to be transferring from one job to another. Others could even find it difficult to have a job because they are picky in choosing jobs to apply. They want to have a job that will not examine their performances frequently.

While working, most patients who are having social anxiety tend to be very quiet and could also be branded by their co-workers as “weird” because they don’t usually engage themselves in a conversation with others. They are often called “loners” because most of them are not comfortable to mingle with their co-employees because they think that those people are criticizing them as well as their work methods.

Anxiety from work could also be triggered by attending a company meeting where employees are required to share their ideas and opinions. They will refuse to give suggestions because they are scared that they might be criticized when they voice out their comments.

The good thing about social anxiety is that it is a treatable medical condition. If you are suffering from such condition or it describes someone you work with, it is advisable that you seek for a health professional’s help or advise that person to visit a psychotherapist for fast recovery.

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