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Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety is a behavioral condition. It is not a mental illness although people tend to address it as one. Studies show that 10% of adults over the age of 18 suffer from anxiety. A person who sufferers from anxiety may also experience attacks. There are several anxiety attacks causes and they change on case to case basis. Over the years many types of solutions have been introduced to help people with anxiety. The most common ones are convention and alternative approaches. People who suffer from anxiety have trouble living a peaceful life until they find a suitable anxiety attacks treatment for their condition.

The conventional approach uses psychotherapy and medication while the alternative approach prefers relaxation techniques and finding the inner peace. There are other solutions that have been proven to help sufferers time after time. These solutions have been designed primarily by experts, therapists and ex anxiety sufferers which use natural techniques cure anxiety attacks.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks usually come out of nowhere. They are terrifying feelings which include heart palpitations, shortness of breath and may feel like dying. One of the many panic attacks causes are high levels of anxiety.

When people neglect their anxiety their subconscious mind becomes occupied with fear and when triggered the conscious mind creates a false reality and releases adrenaline to the body, known as the “fight or flight response”. Frequent panic attacks are considered as a panic disorder. ┬áTherefore the best practice would be to find a panic attack treatment to help cure panic attacks as soon as possible.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Also known as Social Phobia, social anxiety is very common in the US. Social anxiety symptoms are triggered by social incidents and include emotional, psychological and physical reactions.

Low self esteem may cause social anxiety but it has been proven that many people who suffer from panic attacks also have social phobias. It is a curable disorder and the best way to beat social anxiety is by building self esteem.

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