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Anxiety Leads to Serious Health Problems

According to a study people who are afraid of being rejected, who extremely fears about anything, who do not trust others, who doubt them and who does not want to be close to anyone are at risk of having serious health problems.

Anxiety leads to health conditions like high blood, stroke and heart attack; and if it is not immediately treated it could lead to more complications. IF a person’s anxiety is already uncontrollable it is best for him to seek for a health professional’s help to be able to avoid life threatening medical problems.

It can also be expected that a person who suffer from such medical condition is not able to manage their emotions well, there is a big possibility that it could turn into depression. Such condition needs to be monitored and treated because it could aggravate the patient’s existing health problem. And this is the reason why many health professionals said that it is important to treat anxiety and depression at the same time because they are inter-related.

Although most people who are suffering from anxiety are aware that their fears, worries and reactions are already being exaggerated, they are still helpless because they cannot do anything to control their feelings. And in several cases, this is the time when depression comes in because the patient is already aware that something is wrong with him.

These patients become frustrated because no matter how they try to fix the problem, they will always fail. The accumulated frustrations together with the worries and concerns about the condition are the causes of depression. This health problem could also be one of the causes of anxiety attacks, but in most cases anxiety leads to depression.

But how are we going to tell that the patient is suffering from both conditions? It is difficult to tell if a patient is dealing with both conditions because they seem alike in many ways. However, there are signs that could indicate such problems and these are: panic attacks, tiredness, insomnia, sadness and feeling of worthlessness, sweating and difficulty in breathing.

In order to properly treat anxiety disorders and depression we need to address both problems simultaneously. And seeking for a registered psychotherapist’s help is the first thing to do in dealing with these situations.

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