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Is An Anxiety Disorder A Mental Illness?

Mental illnessMany people who suffer from anxiety disorders have many phobias and one of them is the thought of becoming mentally ill. The truth is that you aren’t! As a matter of fact I hate using the word disorder because it may sound like an illness. If you were mentally ill, trust me, you would be taken care of. If you want to convince yourself, go visit a mental institution and see for yourself if you fit in. I am sure we both know that you are normal.

It is very important that you understand that you are normal. Can you write? Can you read? Can you make conversation with someone you really trust? Can you buy milk? Can you count?

Obviously, you can do things every normal person does. The fact that you do other (Anxiety) things as well such as: Sudden panic, wash your hands every 5 minutes, find excuses do stay at home etc’ Is because you’re confused and that’s the way your brain and body react to your personal fears. Your subconscious mind is occupied with trapped emotions and thoughts that take over your conscious and therefore you act differently.

It is also crucial you understand that you are normal because that is the first step to full recovery. Remember, all you need to do is reorganize your thoughts and lifestyle. It is very easy – this guide will teach you how to do that.

If you constantly ask yourself “Am I crazy?” The insecurity, on its own, will exhaust you and that’s what happens to you now. You are exhausted because you are occupying yourself with a statement or question that is not true. Your brain knows that you are normal and NOT ill, but, when your subconscious keeps on creating that question “am I crazy?” your body and brain fight it – therefore, you become exhausted. However, by saying I am normal, whenever you panic or have that question in mind you are in alignment with your brain. Because it knows, better than you, that you are normal.

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