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Beat Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is another type of anxiety disorder. It may or not be accompanied with panic attacks or anxiety. There are a few things you can do to beat social anxiety. In a nutshell social anxiety or social phobia  it is a situation where the sufferer avoids social gatherings or acts strangely while engaging in social activities due to fear.

If you suffer from social anxiety then you would feel uncomfortable when people who you don’t know watch you. This is caused because of low self esteem. Please don’t confuse self esteem with self confidence.

In order to beat social anxiety you’ll need to build your self esteem and learn how to overcome your social fears. There are different fears that may cause social anxiety; Fears of being teased at or even the fear that others around you are better than you.

Another thing you’ll need to do is to feel less self conscious. For example you may be at any social gathering and you say something. You find that people give you a funny look and you start developing anxious thoughts self conscious thoughts.

What you need to do is understand that no one is better than you or worse than you. I know that this is simple to say but when putting it to plan things become more difficult to implement. Therefore, I’ve developed a few techniques that can help you beat social anxiety.

Try to eliminate thoughts of “what if” a “what if” thought is a thought that may cause anxiety. Before any social situation (even weeks before) you may think of the people you will meet in the social event and you start building in your brain a reality. Now, obviously this reality won’t manifest because it is only in your brain.

Try not to think of what will happen and just “go with the flow” be spontaneous! Naturally, to accomplish this I don’t recommend the use of medication or anti depressants to beat social anxiety. That may only make the situation worse.

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