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Continuous Anxiety: The Reason Anxiety Continues

Continuous AnxietyYou have thoughts and feeling that are trapped. These thoughts and feeling aren’t true. If they were true your brain would accept them and would let you move on with life. The thoughts that you have create fears and fear triggers your anxiety. When you have high levels of anxiety your body reacts to your personalized disorder (panic attacks, OCD, Social Anxiety, GAD etc’…) which continues until your brain gets exhausted of the “battle”. So, high levels of anxiety is what keeps you in “the fear cycle” and the disorder won’t go away until you teach yourself how to brake the loop and NOT do the same actions over and over again.


The main reason you have anxious thoughts that continue on disturbing you from living a relaxed and free life, is confusion. When you don’t know what to think and you are confused your anxiety continues to rule your life.

Think about it for a moment. If you weren’t confused, do you really think you would suffer from anxiety? If you can remove the anxious thoughts from your brain you wouldn’t suffer from anxiety. That’s common sense. Picture a situation where you can remove any anxious thoughts from your brain and by doing so the anxiety goes away.

The question that many anxiety sufferers ask themselves is: How did I get into this situation where I can’t control my thoughts. I believe, that in a subconscious or conscious way you ask yourself the same question.

The answer is fairly simple. You had a few disturbing thoughts your subconscious mind dwelled upon and you tried finding a logical and self pleasing answer. The thoughts have led to other thoughts and left you confused, with many anxious thoughts that often visit you at the worst time possible. Furthermore, you are afraid of these thoughts. If you weren’t afraid of them you wouldn’t be suffering from anxiety.

The confusion can easily be placed with good thoughts, goals and dreams. We will show you the way to program your subconscious mind to reject the anxious thoughts and think of pleasing thoughts.

Once you get through the process and understand that you can willingly choose which thoughts you want to think of, the confusion will be gone and with it your anxiety, eliminating all of the symptoms it carries.

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2 Replies to “Continuous Anxiety: The Reason Anxiety Continues”


I have different symptoms than the normal. I kept thinking I was stuck in an anxiety net so now my body literally feels that it is with vibrations. Also, under my feet, which can be intense. My body does not feel normal due to vibrations. One can not avoid walking in life so do not know how to get out of this loop. My symptoms are 24 times 7 and has been going on for a couple of months. I have been just coping each day. Not working now physical symptoms would not let me.

Fran M

my feeling are continuous all waking hours with no relief.

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