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Death Anxiety: What are the Factors that Triggers it?

Death anxiety could be defined as the thoughts and emotions that terrify man about the final event of living. They say that among the many beliefs in life there are only two things that are certain, death and taxes. The fact that sooner or later people will have to face death makes some of us to be anxious at the prospect of such matter.

There are many factors that affect death anxiety and these cause panic attacks. As people live their lives day by day, they encounter different degrees of nervousness about death. However, people react to these conditions differently. Some could be extremely terrified that it is already affecting how they live their daily tasks.

The amount of people’s anxiety about death could be affected by their age, religious faith, environment and personal sense if fulfillment. It has been noted by several researchers that age is one of the most probable cause of death anxiety because as people got older they are closer to death.

This condition is common in health workers because they are dealing with death on a regular basis. People who are suffering from fear about death usually avoid making eye contact, converse with a person who is dying. Dealing with this kind of fear needs to be assisted with death education because it can help a person reduce their anxiety about death. It can also help health care workers understand the process of dying and to take care of a dying patient with confidence that they will be able to do the task in the right way.

Joining support groups are very effective in helping people to emotionally prepare for death and to cope with the experience of death of a love one. Psychologists also believe that being exposed to people who are suffering from the same problem could also be helpful as it will comfort the patient and made them realize that they are not the only people who are dealing with the problem.

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2 Replies to “Death Anxiety: What are the Factors that Triggers it?”

Revatha Thero

This website about the anxiety is very important. Thank you.

Revatha Thero

The departure of loved ones happen death anxiety, if they can understand about the real life, that we lead instant and it will stop unexpectedly we can manage it. otherwise we get worry about it and triggers anxiety. and get problems. So one must understand about changing his life and it’s impermanent according to explained in Buddhism. So he would not get anxiety attack.
Revatha Thero.

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