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Diagnosing Panic Attacks Symptoms in Men

Panic attacks symptoms in men could become undiagnosed because they usually refuse to seek for a health professional’s help. The symptoms of panic attacks in men can also be manifested through physical pains that mimic a heart attack. This is another reason why it is difficult to note a panic attack in men because compared to women they are traditionally considered to be more likely to acquire a heart problem.

Although it has been proven that women are more prone in suffering from anxiety disorders and panic disorders, it has been noted that they are more ready to seek help and have the condition diagnosed. Female behaviors, such as fear and always seeking for help, are considered to be their weaknesses. Men’s traditional behavior, on the other hand, does not share emotional problems with others as they hide it and deal with it alone. Such approach is also perceived to be manly and strong.

However, this manly behavior could lead them to risks of not knowing the onset of a panic attack. Most men would prefer admitting a heart attack than acknowledging a panic attack, which is normally associated with women.

Diagnoses of panic attacks symptoms in men could also be misdirected to other conditions such as excessive production of thyroid hormone, epilepsy, mitral valve collapse and cardiac arrhythmias.

Another common reason why panic attacks treatment could not immediately be implemented in a man suffering from such condition is the failure of diagnosing the symptoms because they tend to resort to self-treatment of the problem with alcohol. Previous clinical studies also showed that men are more prone of becoming alcoholics than women.

Men do not want to deal with the fact that they are experiencing a panic disorder because such condition is often associated with emotional illness that has been branded as women’s problem. Understanding and accepting that anxiety disorders can also happen in men can help them in avoiding jeopardizing the things that are important to them, such as their careers and their relationships with their loved ones.

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