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Does Anxiety Increases with Age?

Many people are asking if it is normal to be more anxious now that they are older compared to the time when they were younger. According to health professionals it is normal to experience frequent anxiety as we grow old because the issues concerning health problems, losses and several factors that are considered to be major life changes cause us to become stressed.

It has previously been noted that anxiety increases with age and some older adults are greatly affected with it to the extent that they already need treatment. Serious medical conditions that are common to this group of adults can also be directly responsible for this health problem. Among the health problems that causes anxiety attacks are heart disease, hormone problems and neurologic illness. In addition, the drugs that the patients of these health problems are taking also have side effects that cause them to experience anxiety.

However, recent studies stated that although some studies noted that anxiety increases with age, it differs from every individual as it could also decline with age. Mental health experts said that most seniors are more likely to complain about their emotional and physical problems, thus, leading the problem to be treated immediately.

Anxiety disorders are excessive, irrational fears that can worsen if it goes untreated. Most of the serious anxiety conditions originated when the patient was younger. This is the reason why it is very important that anxiety problems should be properly addressed while the patient is still young because it could worsen as the patient grew older if it will not be treated.

Acknowledging that you have a problem is one way of reducing anxiety, because it will lead you to seek for a health professional’s help. Your decision to seek for guidance will also help you avoid more complicated health conditions that are associated with anxiety. Finding the right health professional that can help you feel more comfortable in handling your condition is the most important part, so look for a health expert that assist your treatment preference.

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