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Scientific Breakthrough: Anxiety is the devil, and stress is his best friend!

Can You Effectively Manage The Stress You Are Experiencing?

The Devil

Everyone with no exception has stressful breaking points in life.  Knowing how to deal with the everyday stress you may experience is very important and will help prevent unexpected anxiety attacks that may develop into an anxiety disorder. This article will explain some simple principles you should apply to your lifestyle, which will help you effectively manage the stress you experience and prevent severe anxiety and panic attacks, while maintaining a huge smile on your face.

Knowing the things you can and can’t keep up with is key to managing unnecessary stress. Success, financial security, family, relationships, health and nutrition, happiness and many other factors are what most people deal with and constantly think about everyday… with you being one of them. If you find yourself unhappy when dealing with the factors mentioned above (and maybe others), then you aren’t managing stress as you should.

You are most likely overwhelmed by the everyday tasks you need to put up with and not seeing the results you expected can be very frustrating. You deserve more! If that is your case then please do yourself a favor and get back on track, but not in an aggressive way, that just won’t work!  You need to filter out the things that are less important and concentrate more on what will make you happy. Otherwise you’ll always be sad.

How To Manage Stress While Forgetting About Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, then stress can only make it worse. If you don’t suffer from anxiety and don’t want to experience anxiety attacks, then you’ll need to manage your stress and push forward at the same time. In order to achieve that, it is essential that you learn how manage your time.

“The Cross Thinking Technique”

First, take some time alone. Turn off the radio and the TV and get something to write on and, of course something to write with. I want you to make a simple list of all of the tasks you do on daily basis.

It should be a table with two columns. One should be titled: “things I really hate doing and drain my energy” and the other table should be titled: “things I really love doing and give me a good feeling”.

If you see that you have nothing written on the “things I really love doing and give me a good feeling” column then you’re in big trouble…

Just Kidding!

This is what you do. It is simple, but very effective! It is divided into 4 steps…ready?

  1. Step – 1: This is a “first aid step”. You need to promise yourself that when you’re occupied with the “things that drain your energy”, you’ll be thinking about “the things you like doing”. To make it more understandable, every time you feel down when dealing with the “bad, boring stuff” stop for a moment and think to yourself: “I’ll be doing the things I like…in just a little while.”
  2. Step – 2: Begin eliminating the things you don’t like doing or that make you sad. That may be your job, bad relationships…etc’. If you don’t enjoy your job but you’re still working there because it pays well, then think again! Try to move the task to someone else. Perhaps in exchange for a different task you enjoy more, or, even by paying someone for it. If it has to do with work then think of it this way: If you would be doing something you like, you would then be more passionate about it. That, my friend leads to great success!
  3. Step – 3: There will be things that you just can’t exclude from your life. Those same things may also carry great responsibility. If you are confronted with them then you must do them, and by doing them you build yourself esteem. The more you accomplish, the better you’ll feel.
  4. Step – 4: The most important step of all! Learn to relax. When you worry, you make things worse. You lose sense of time and balance and you become worse at what you do. To relax simply take a 30 min – 1 hour walk out in the countryside. Don’t underestimate it the brain needs green – why do you think earth looks like earth, for us! Enjoy it!

Summing it All Up

When you approach things in a decisive way and don’t dwell on your problems or what you don’t like, you are making things better. As human beings, we tend to hold on to things, because we don’t like losing. However, sometimes we hang on to the wrong things such as: A horrible workplace, a bad relationship, an unhealthy lifestyle. All those things cause you to feel bad, because you feel stuck. Learn how to get rid of the things you hate, change them, and you’ll see that instantly you’ll be feeling better about yourself and progressing quicker in life.

If you fail to do so, you may experience severe physical and emotional symptoms that are directly related to anxiety. Symptoms such as: Insomnia, anger, nausea, irritability, upset stomach and other symptoms. This happens mainly because of excess worries and, too much thinking, or, confusion. That’s simply how the human body reacts to high levels of stress and anxiety. Don’t wait until anxiety attacks you, take action today!

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