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Facebook Axiety: A Social Anxiety Condition

Many experts warned that you are more likely to develop an internet addiction if you are currently dealing with anxiety disorders, depression and social phobias. Social media networks have been a big hit in the society since it started, but according to experts these social networking sites could lead to several conditions.

Facebook Axiety: A Social Anxiety ConditionPeople who have different accounts in several social media sites are at risk of developing social anxiety symptoms that could disturb their everyday life. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. It has a high percentage of users worldwide and has become very influential in the society as it has already been used not only in connecting with friends, but also in promoting business, products and personalities.

Facebook anxiety is among the social anxiety categories that have recently been discovered by experts. According to a study some Facebook users are fond of accepting or inviting hundreds of virtual friends and those online relationships could lead to a lot of stress. Some people are anxious in using the site because sometimes they are pressured in accepting or rejecting friend requests, thinking about inventive status updates and sometimes they are not comfortable in applying different rules of online etiquette to other their friends.

However, despite of feelings such as pressure and stress, many people are still using the site especially the young adults. The experts explained that the site is still very popular because it allows the users to keep in touch with their friends in any part of the world. And most of them said that they are not going to delete their accounts because it worries them to think that they are going to miss out something important or they could offend their friends.

This kind of pressure could lead to Facebook anxiety because of the site’s self centered structure. The site makes users feel like a mini celebrity and the more virtual friends they have, the more pressure they feel to produce something about them.

It is highly recommendable that parents of teenagers who are hooked in using Facebook should guide their children to avoid any serious anxiety disorders.

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