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How Effective is a Panic Attack Treatment at Home?

A panic attack could be experienced by people at some point of their lives, but it could also be an indication of an anxiety disorder. It is often caused by a combination of a person’s ways of thinking and a number of social stressors, and could be a serious condition if it becomes unmanageable.

How Effective is a Panic Attack Treatment at Home?Panic attacks could be controlled by a variety of treatments such as effective medications and specific forms of psychotherapy. Although it may not work for all patients struggling with the condition, some could also do a panic attack treatment at home to minimize the severity of the attacks.

For individuals who prefer to be treated without prescribed medications they can try several home remedies that have already been proven to be effective. These remedies include deep-breathing, aromatherapy, massage, dietary changes and physical activity. Some physicians have also recommended the use of natural remedies such as herbal supplements like valerian or passionflower for some people who are dealing with mild to moderate panic disorder.

Several experts have also stated that herbal supplements that have an ingredient called “kava” can also be used as a panic attack treatment at home. However, many physicians still considered the research data to be limited for them to recommend as treatment and have warned that such remedy should be taken carefully since many supplements’ quality, content, or effectiveness have not been regulated.

Among the several effective panic attacks treatments is psychotherapy. It is as important as medication treatment but is said to be more effective for both adults and children. This kind of therapy helps the anxiety sufferer to know how to deal with their emotions and control the factors that contributed to developing symptoms of panic attack.

A support system is also as important as the other variety of treatments for panic attack. Helping a patient who is suffering such condition feel that they are supported by the important people in their lives would allow them to have a feeling of security and would decrease the attacks.

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