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How to Comfort Someone With Anxiety

Helping someone with anxietyIt is not easy to know whether or not a close relative or friend who is suffering from anxiety or depression, and when we do, we try our best to comfort them. But how should we do it? Is there a correct or wrong way of comforting someone battling with anxiety and depression? As a matter of fact, yes. While there aren’t really written rules for that, knowing what to say and how to say may actually help a person with anxiety feel better.

1. Yes, it isn’t okay – In contrary to what we commonly do, telling them that everything’s fine and there’s nothing to worry about isn’t really helping. Let’s not pretend that everything’s fine. We all know that’s a lie. Let’s acknowledge the truth and live with it. Also, unless called for, let us not instruct them what to the, and worst, say something like ‘you should have done this and that’. That is the last thing they’d wan”t to hear. Let’s just try to be a good listener. Things are definitely okay now, but one way or another, things will get better.

2. I will always be right here – Anxiety and depression tends to make people feel alone. Aside from the problem itself, one of the things that make them even more depressed is the thought that nobody cares and they are facing their problems alone. Let us make them feel that we will always be there to help and support.

3. Don’t forget that you are awesome! - When feeling so despressed, people tend to forget the good things about them. They focus on what they do wrong and believe that they amount to nothing. They feel like whatever they do, it’s not going to be enough. Telling them that we believe in them will help them remember the good thing they’ve done and can do. Just because they are down doesn’t mean they didn’t do any good in the past.

4. What can I do for you? – Sometimes, people with anxiety and depression cannot find the motivation to go on with their lives. Daily tasks and chores become difficult for them. Simple errand suddenly require a lot more effort for them to accomplish. Certain responsibilities become difficult to handle, and require much more courage to be completed. Offering your help would give them big relief. It doesn’t have to be something big. Simple gestures would be of great value. Try offering picking up their laundry, cooking dinner, babysitting for an hour, or any task that you are willing to do to help your friend.

5. Come on, let’s do something – When people are depressed or stressed, they tend to forget themselves or doing something for the sake of having fun. With all the negativity clouding their mind, a little break would be more than appreciated. It doesn’t have to be a grand treat or a shopping spree. A simple breakfast outside or a conversation over coffee would make them forget their problems even just for a little while.


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