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How to Determine Panic Attacks and Depression Symptoms?

Most doctors say that panic attacks and depression are linked to each other. But how would you exactly define panic attacks and depression, and how do they differ from one another?

Although these conditions are related to each other, there are different panic attacks and depression symptoms that would separately define them as well as their causes. Panic attacks are defined as the sudden onset of severe anxiety that is manifested by sweating, shortness of breath, heart pounding, chest pain and dizziness. This condition is terrifying and distressing because it is often mistaken as an onset of a heart attack that leads patients to rush to the hospital and seek for immediate treatment.

Seeking immediate help for panic attacks treatments are very important because such conditions could cause serious health problems. And first approach to these treatments would be determining the stressors that trigger such attack.

Depression is the most common cause of panic attacks, and it is defined as feelings of emptiness, lifeless and extreme sadness. It is a condition that is sometimes uncontrollable and cause people who are suffering from it to have threatening changes to their day-to-day lives. These people will lose their ability to study, work and eat. Some would also find it difficult to sleep and to have fun. They will spend most of their time alone which, in severe cases, could also lead them to hurt themselves.

Even if panic attacks and depression symptoms are not exactly the same from each other, they should be treated together. Because too much depression causes a panic attack to occur without any signs that could warn not only the patient, but also the people who are taking care of them.
You can only imagine how alarming and frightening a panic attack is, and the right information about such condition will allow you to manage it with proper treatment. Consulting a health professional’s advice will assist you with the correct first steps of dealing with the health problem.

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