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How Will You Determine If You’re Having an Anxiety or Heart Attack?

A lot of people are sometimes clueless whether they are having anxiety or heart attack, and this could lead to a distressing emotion that could cause panic. Anxiety itself has many symptoms and knowing its difference from heart attack is often crucial.

How Will You Determine If You're Having An Anxiety or Heart Attack?

If you have been diagnosed of having a heart problem before, it is important for you to seek a health professional’s advice regarding the different symptoms of having a heart attack. You should also be aware of the possible anxiety attack causes because both conditions could have the same indications.

Physicians have noted that heart attacks usually start slowly with mild pain or discomfort which could often be mistaken as an anxiety attack. Among the same physical symptoms that anxiety or heart attack could present itself the same as the other are dizziness, tightening of the chest, lightheadedness and discomfort or chest pains and shallow breathing.

If you have a heart disease, it is normal for you to feel emotional at some point or another because the condition is also associated with stress and anxiety. Although anxiety attack and heart attack are two risky conditions, it could be avoided.

Heart attacks are sudden and intense, but always remember that one cannot have a heart attack without an existing heart condition. It could be avoided by avoiding the two contributing factors, which are anxiety and stress.

Anxiety attacks, on the other hand, could be overcome by relaxing and having enough sleep, nourishment and exercise.

Almost every one of us thinks that we know how to relax and, for most of us, we thought that watching TV or playing computer is a true relaxation. These techniques are false state of relaxation that won’t last for a long period of time. What we need is a kind of relaxation that can relax our mind and physical body, like deep breathing, yoga and tai chi.

Getting enough sleep would also help us have a peaceful mind that would allow us to handle life’s ups and downs. Having a proper diet by eating foods with enough nutrition for long-term energy, such as vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains, with proper exercise will boost every cell in our body so that our brain and body can function well.

Understanding anxiety and its probable causes is very helpful for people who are experiencing anxiety attacks because it can allow you to build your well-being.

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