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Let Your Pet Relieve Your Anxiety

PET RELIEVES ANXIETYThere are times when life gets so tough and leaves us feeling alone and helpless. During these times, some of us call our closest friend, mom, or sister/brother for help. But for some of us who prefer being alone, we get clouded with sadness and just cry all alone by ourselves. For people with pets, the scenario may be a bit different. Despite causing trouble at home, giving stress, and being so loud at times, our furry little friends can prove to be loyal even in the most difficult of times.

How? Here are just some of the wonderful things that your pets can do for you and your well-being:

1. Pets have calming and soothing effect – Research shows that people with pets tend to have lower and more stabilized blood pressure compared to people with none. Just the mere presence of a pet can relax a person (maybe not when they’re barking so loudly,though).

2. Pets can offer unconditional love and care – after all, dogs are men’s bestfriend, right? Your husband may divorce you, your daughter may move out, your son may not listen to you, but your dog will always stay by your side. They may be stubborn at times, or always hungry, but one thing’s for sure: he loves you unconditionally.

3. Pets distract – We all know how pets are. They can amuse you with their slightest act of silliness and take you into their own world. They can make you forget everything. This is great for people with anxiety and depression. The best way for us to forget our anxiety is to get distracted, and pets are masters of distraction.

4. Pets can also give the magic of touch – When we are depressed or going through anxiety, we need as touch as we can. That’s why people hug when they’re lonely. Touch and hug causes our body to release endorphin and serotonin that we all know have good emotional and physical benefits to our body. Good hugs also get Oxytocin flowing in our body that calms our nervous system and boosts positive emotion. If you think only humans can give you these benefits, then it’s time to go to the nearest pet adoption center or pet store.

5. Pets alter behavior – Sometimes we find ourselves mad and angry about –apparently– nothing. It may be because of exhaustion, or stress building up inside us, or anxiety and depression. Whatever it may be, your pet can help you with that. Since we now know that they can distract us, playing or petting them can actually turn us from angry to calm in just a few seconds. Imagine your pet giving you the cutest puppy eyes, or asking you for a belly rub. There’s no way you can stay mad with that.

6. Pets make us responsible – During the time of anxiety and depression, it gets so difficult for us to move or perform the simplest tasks. It takes too much effort for us to do something without breaking down or feeling useless. When you have a pet that you truly love, being such a bum is a no-no. You need to give him bath, food, and walk him around. Those are tasks that would keep you going, and somehow, distract you too.


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