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Lifestyle Suitable for People with Anxiety

Meditation for anxietyBattling with anxiety is a life-long journey. Like everyone else, people battling with anxiety need to have their own lifestyle. While it is best for everyone to have a healthy lifestyle, a little more effort might be needed by people with anxiety. In building your lifestyle, you may start with the following:

  1. Exercise – It is always good for anyone to exercise. Aside from the usual visit to the gym, try engaging yourself with physical activities that interest you. Nowadays, there are many physical fitness activities that are not only good for your body, but can give you enjoyment as well. Try pilates, zumba when you want to show your moves. Capoeira and boxing are always available for people who want to try some action. When you feel bold and are up to something unique, there’s pole dancing or belly dancing. There are a lot more to choose from. Just pick something you think you’ll enjoy. Exercise promotes wellness, and a healthy body promotes healthy mind.


  1. Eat Healthy – Shy away from packaged / processed foods. Always prepare a meal plan and plan ahead. Fill your fridge with healthy foods. There is what we call “good-mood-foods” that can alter your mood and make you feel better. Invest in fruits, vegetables, berries, and have a balanced diet. Talking to a nutritionist and asking for suggestion will be the best thing to do.


Some drink coffee to feel energized or help us get through the day. However, caffeine also has the power to make you feel restless. It awakens your body but it may also trigger anxiety. You may have heard of people who get too dependent on coffee. That could be another problem when you acquire coffee addiction due to excessive intake of caffeine.


Aside from coffee, there’s another one that is very much familiar to us already. It’s far too familiar, actually. People drink alcohol to celebrate, chill, or even help us cope up with problems. Little did we know that every sip could lead to addiction, and just like coffee (or even worse), the effect could be terrible. Alcohol lowers our blood sugar that could lead to anxiety.



  1. Have a healthy mind – Always make time for yourself. Indulge in activities that will make you think or occupy your mind. Join groups with purpose. Make yourself busy by doing stuffs that are not only beneficial for others, but for yourself as well. Just like choosing the right physical fitness training, choosing the right activity for your mind is crucial.

Give yourself the pampering it needs. Go to the spa, prep up, or even travel when you can. Have a free mind. When these things are a bit too much because of limited resources, do the little things instead. Set a proper bedtime schedule, wake up earlier than usual and have time for a hearty breakfast, spend more time with your family, communicate with your love-ones as much as you can. There are many other things that can be added, but you’ll have to see what would work for you.




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