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Men Panic Attacks: What are the Causes?

Men panic attacks are conditions that, just like panic attacks in women, are a result of a certain traumatic experience that was left untreated. Men are known to suppress their feelings whenever they feel sad, worried or scared, and this approach is not healthy because most of the time they cannot tell and refuse to acknowledge the existence of a psychological problem that needs immediate attention.

Although anxiety is curable, such condition shouldn’t be taken for granted because it worsens when patients try to hide it as it delays the needed intervention. The disorder may last for many years and eventually leads into a panic disorder. Long panic disorders are also considered to be a precursor for mental illness that is why if the problem is not immediately addressed; it could lead to a more serious condition.

Aside from the traumatic experiences that have not been cured for a long period of time, intake of several substances is another cause of panic disorders especially if taken continuously. Men who regularly smoke any form of tobacco increases their chances of suffering from panic attacks. Abuse of alcohol intake is another cause of panic attacks. The occurrence of this condition could also be an effect of using sedatives for a long period of time.

Men who are frequently smoking tobacco and for long continuous periods are be at risk of having a panic disorder. As they smoke cigarettes, the smoke that has been released will go to the lungs and this could change the environment inside the organ by increasing the tar deposits inside it. Such process could trigger a chain of reaction that leads the smoker to experience increased anxiety. On the other hand, alcohol intake affects the normal brain function and could eventually lead to increased anxiety.

Men panic attacks could be manifested by various symptoms which includes extreme forms of anxiety disorder. Panic attacks are frequent and any person who is suffering from such condition may perspire a lot and their heartbeats significantly increase. The duration of the attack could be as short as five minutes but to patients who are not taking any anxiety medications, the attacks can last for hours.

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