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Menstruation Anxiety: A Common Symptom of PMS

Most women agree that when their “period” is approaching, they often feel tired, easily annoyed and irritated. This is the usual monthly scenario of almost all women as it has been evidenced by a high percentage showing that most of them experiences symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Menstruation Anxiety: A Common Symptom of PMSWhen a woman is about to have a menstruation, the hormones that manage her menstrual cycle affect both of her body and mind. Anxiety and even depression are mood-related PMS symptoms that could lead them to suffer from anxiety disorders.

Menstruation anxiety is common during women’s periods and it’s something that most of them should deal with in a certain month because of physical and emotional effects.

However, it can be alleviated by managing stress through regular exercise, well-balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, enough sleep and less alcohol and caffeine intake. Socializing with friends could also help manage the condition because it will help a woman relax and redirect her attention from focusing on the discomfort that she’s feeling to mingling with other people.

Women who are having a menstruation anxiety are often misunderstood by people who are dealing with them every day, like their family and friends for example, as their mood would become very unpredictable. For women, when a lady will say “sorry I got my period” they would easily understand why she’s acting unusual and having a bad mood. But for men, it would be hard to understand the situation as they have never experienced it.

Men should also be aware of different causes of anxiety attacks especially the PMS related anxiety to have a good relationship with those women who are special to them and understand that such moods and feelings are caused by hormones and are uncontrollable.

Women who continue to experience uncontrollable anxiety symptoms should not be afraid to talk to their doctor because medication is a good option to control severe anxiety.

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