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Mood-Altering Foods

Mood-Altering FoodsWe’ve heard a lot of stories of people cured by certain foods and ingredients. Some people claim that these foods changed their lives, cured their illness, and so on. Shall we believe these things? What’s the science behind this?

Food is a huge part of our wellness. Of course, fruits and vegetables are good for us. We need meat, fish, and so much more to keep our body healthy. There’s no doubt that ice cream and chocolate can make most of us (if not all) healthy, but there are “mood altering foods” out there that are believed to affect people’s mood and help in curing anxiety.

Foods such as berries, lettuce, cabbage, mango, oats, and much more are now being regarded to as “foods that put you in a good mood”. On the other hand, diet sodas, coffee, fatty foods like french fries and burgers are called “bad-mood-foods”.

Now, shall we believe this? Let’s start with the bad-mood-foods. You might say “how come? They never fail to make me happy!” Apparently, they do. Let’s take french fries, burgers, bacon and other greasy pleasures for example. Yes, they do give us a taste of heaven for a short while, but after an hour, these fats laden, high in sodium pleasures can give your digestive system a hard time doing its job. Next, you might think that you’re safe when you sip on “sugar-free” drinks. The truth is it’s worse than the real thing.  There are many other bad-mood-foods out there, many of which, we’re already aware about. Mostly, processed and packaged foods are the ones we have to watch out for.

When it comes to good-mood-foods, these are the foods that our parents always made us eat. These foods do not only help you become physically fit, but they also have the power to put you in a happy mood. White fats in French fries is bad for you, there are still fats that are good for you. Healthy fats can be found in fish, nuts, and seeds. If you think good-mood-foods are supposed to be boring, you’re wrong. You can still grab some chocolates to satisfy your sweet cravings. Be careful though, instead of milk chocolate, opt for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains resveratrol that boosts endorphin and serotonin levels. Lack of vitamins and minerals are also related to anxiety and depression. To solve this problem, fill your fridge with foods that are high in vitamins like avocado for vitamin B, and asparagus to make up for your lack of folic acid.

The main idea of these good-mood-foods is to keep your body and mind healthy and on track. They balance the needs of your body, raise your serotonin levels, and make you feel happy.

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