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Mothers who are Having Breastfeeding Anxiety

Women who have just given birth to a baby are prone to anxiety, and one of the common and often recognized issues is breastfeeding anxiety. In a matter of hours after a mother had just given birth to a child, she is filled with emotions that can start from excitement to sadness.

Mothers who are Having Breastfeeding AnxietyBreastfeeding comes naturally for some women, but it can be a hard and stressful experience for others. An essential key to breastfeeding is forming a bond and connection with the baby and it requires patience and support from family members because it could take time.

A support coming from a partner or other immediate family members is very important because giving birth would also mean that a new member of the family has arrived, and mothers would want to feel that they are not alone in facing the responsibility of taking care of the newborn. Anxiety could sometimes make other women to become very emotional, and when this happens she needs to be understood and supported.

There are several causes of anxiety attacks and breastfeeding anxiety is one of the conditions that can be linked to giving birth. Physical and emotional discomforts are often felt by women, and breastfeeding is one of the processes that most women became uncertain of. They usually became anxious about their overall ability to properly and comfortably breastfeed their baby.

During pregnancy women’s hormones changes and cause some transformation in their bodies such as engorgement and breast pain. The breasts tends to swell when the veins expands together with the pressure of the milk and this could be painful for women who would be breastfeeding their newborn. Such discomfort would make some mothers want to resist the process.

Having a new baby would sometimes deprive the mother of proper sleep for several months because when a baby is hungry she is the only person who can feed the infant. Feelings of anxiety and lack of control are often felt by mothers who are adjusting to this new sleep routine.

That is why it is essential for a mother to surround herself with family and friends who can support and help her. It is also important to have a partner who is willing to guide the mother when she is breastfeeding because it could reduce the anxiety that it may create.

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