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Nature Has A Strong Impact On Your Anxiety!

Nature And AnxietyAnxiety is a behavioral condition that is caused by doing the same things over and over again for a period of time. It is in your brain. It does not reflect who you really are. In order to get out of the loop of anxiety you must change your actions and by deliberately changing your actions you won’t suffer from anxiety, you’ll be cured.

Obviously you aren’t thinking straight and you are aware to that fact. You’re looking for a solution that will help you put your thoughts together and remove any unwanted thoughts.

Study has shown that walking 30 minutes to 1 hour on a daily basis out in the countryside, can vastly improve your overall good feeling and clarity of mind. How would you like to think straight, concentrate better and enjoy nature all at once?

There is no need for hours of meditation. I tried that, it was good but I felt edgy. I needed to restrain myself for 45 minutes to the floor or lie down and try to relax; it was a bit difficult for me.

What I want you to do, is, walk for 30 minutes a day out in the green, the countryside. If you’re agoraphobic, and are afraid of leaving the house, start by looking out the window, after a few days walk for 5 minutes and go back home. Gradually increase the distance and the time spent outdoors, without pressuring yourself and always listening to relaxing music.  Try to focus on the trees and nature rather on the buildings and people.

Learn to develop a habit where you take your Walkman or mp3 player, put on your earphones, listen to music and walk for 30 minutes a day. This is your time and your time only. Refrain from answering the phone. The idea is to focus on one thing, which is nature. The view, the relaxed walk and the music will relax your brain and feed it with positive energy. This is a very powerful exercise do NOT underestimate it.

Try not to pay attention to people, rather, just enjoy the music, the nature and think only of your dreams, the things that you want to accomplish in life.

This exercise doesn’t have to be hard; it should be more of therapy for your brain.

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