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Panic and Anxiety Root Cause

Anxiety RootOne of the reasons anxiety and panic keep on controlling your life is because you are constantly trying to get rid of them. The human brain is a complex organ that often doesn’t think in simple ways. Due to the fact that you are blessed with emotional intelligence and you have highly creative skills your brain constantly searches for a cure. The way it searches for a cure is by searching for the root cause or thought, which started your anxiety.

To make you understand this a little bit better I’d like you to think of a situation where you accidentally cut yourself. The first thing that your brain will do is tell you to search for a band-aid in order to stop the blood and seal the cut. This action becomes an instinct and you feel relaxed in the process, because you know that everything will be OK, you found the cure, so to speak.

During the day, something triggers your anxiety. Your brain hits you again with an anxious thought and your instinct is to find the cure. So your brain starts searching for the root cause of your anxiety. In the process you are presented with fearful thoughts and you carry out with your symptoms, you experience another attack. In a way your brain is in control but the thoughts that you think of frighten you, and as a reaction your brain activates your symptoms and your body works accordingly.


Let’s think for a moment of a state of mind where you aren’t afraid of anything. You are calm, relaxed, full with confidence and self esteem and you aren’t afraid of the unknown. Now think of when anxiety attacks you. Obviously the both are different state of minds.

The first one represents relaxation and the second one represents fear. A person who is afraid cannot be relaxed. You can try to project relaxation, but if you have troubling fearful thoughts, they will eventually take control.

This brings us to understand that anxiety depends on fear. If you don’t have fears you wouldn’t have anxiety. One of the main goals of the Reject Anxiety is to help you look at your fears from the right perspective and by doing so you will be able to easily remove fear from your brain and understand the most important thing which is: We create fear. If we create it then we can remove it.

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