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Panic Attacks and Breathing: The Paper Bag Myth!

Paper bag breathing

There are literally 10’s and even hundred of panic attack and anxiety calming breathing techniques. Some involve laying on your back, deep breathing and the most common one the paper bag breathing technique.

Some of these techniques will help you relax, but are they good when you really need them and how practical are they?

To use the paper bag technique you will obviously need a paper bag. Now, do you always have a paper bag handy? Seriously, when your experiencing a panic attack in the grocery shop will you reach into your bag or pocket and take out a paper bag? More than just being an impractical solution it is also not always effective because you’ll be creating a scene and scenes aren’t good for a panic attack sufferer, they may cause even more panic.

A Proven Breathing Technique

I’ve tried it all, deep breathing, paper bag, lying on my back, meditation etc’. The best breathing technique that will relax you is none of them. The one I am going to teach you is easier and more effective than all!

Here’s what you do:

Close your mouth and simply breathe in and out of your nose!

That’s it! And this is why it works:

You are quickly increasing the amount of oxygen to your brain and by doing so you are telling your subconscious mind that you are in control! It doesn’t matter how long you do it for or how deep your breaths are.

Understand that this technique is part of a technique that I teach to immediately stop panic attacks. When I teach the “Reject Anxiety Technique” I elaborate on the breathing and how it should be done. Once you learn the full technique you’ll know how to stop panic attacks immediately. The full technique is not in the scope of this article but I do teach it!

Would you like to be notified about the complete technique?

Answer this question:

Which breathing technique did you use, if at all, and was it effective?

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3 Replies to “Panic Attacks and Breathing: The Paper Bag Myth!”


I use to breath in and out of my mouth, but one time I choked so I stopped…

Great post, cant wait to get more info!


Robert Boyle

I always use the paper bag technique. It’s OK but I feel a bit awkward when on a date or with friends. You seem to have some very good info on this website. Looking forward for more.



I tried breathing through my nose but it feels stuffy and that makes it hard to do but it did help a litle. I’m still having the symptoms though.

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