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Panic Attacks Causes

What Causes Panic Attacks?

Since a Panic Attack is a behavrioul illness it is important to understand that there are various causes of panic attacks and anxiety.  Most cases are situational but research has shown that a significant amount of people who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks inherit the behavior.

A List of Panic Attacks Causes

  • Fear/Phobia – Is usually very specific to each case such as: rejection, social meetings and fear of speaking in public. Fear of flight and fight as well.
  • Drugs & Medication – Marijuana, Alcohol and different type of medication may cause panic attacks and even a panic disorder.
  • Genetically Inherited – In some cases if both parents have a history of anxiety the behavior might me inherited. One reason is because panic attacks are cognitive behaviors.
  • Environment and Childhood – Often Overweight children who were made fun of at school develop anxiety (“to protect them”).It is the same for childhood abuse, traumatic childhood incidents, overprotective parents, stressful upbringing, and insecurity.
  • Situation Specific – Agoraphobia can cause a panic attack. A person is afraid of small closed placed full with people. Stress and depression may also cause panic attacks.
  • Improper breathing – Sometimes we forget to breathe or we don’t breathe as we should if there is change in the mix of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and oxygen, a message is sent to the brain about possible suffocation.

An important thing to understand is that anxiety and panic attacks can be cured and forgotten. Once you know that you, a member of your family or friend suffers from a panic disorder the battle is almost over. People live their whole life without taking care of their attacks and doing so is their loss and quite frankly troubling. Life is much better living without panicking.

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