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Social Phobia: Exactly Who Or What Are You Afraid Of?

Social Anxiety - Person Sitting Alone on a Mountain (Isolated)I don’t think there is a person on earth who isn’t afraid of something. Everyone has phobias and we all know how society can cause even more phobia in certain situations. However, a person that has social anxiety can’t tell right from wrong when experiencing an attack.

My question to you is rather simple. Do you really know what it is that you are afraid of? I used to be afraid of unpleasant social situations. I always felt that I will say the wrong thing “when it’s my turn to speak”, but that it is all gone. Why? Because I understood something, I understood that it is all an illusion. The negative thoughts that I had in my head were created by me. No one put them there but me.

Yes, there were more phobias that haunted me. Fear of loss, fear of rejection, being teased. I really want to stress out how important it is to understand that we create fear. Did you ever get caught in a situation where someone said hello, started to make small talk and suddenly you froze, not knowing what to say? Chances are that it happened to you. Did you know that it happens to everyone, but not everyone freezes or experiences a “social anxiety attack”. They don’t experience these attacks because they see things from a more realistic point of view and you can too!

Unlike panic attacks, social phobia is built in our subconscious mind over time. A panic attack can happen to anyone with high levels of anxiety (perhaps too much stress), while social anxiety is developed with time. Did you ever hear or know of anyone that woke up one day and decided to stay at home and make excuses to avoid social events? No, because social anxiety has a lot to do with self esteem, and you can’t lose your self esteem overnight. In many cases social anxiety disorders are caused by multiple panic attacks.

No obviously I don’t know who you are because you’re sitting on the other side of the screen and reading this article. I hope you’re calm and enjoying it! In order to help you even more I’d like to:

Answer any or all of the following questions:

  1. Are there specific social events you often avoid? If yes what are they?
  2. How long have you been suffering and what do you think caused your situation to worsen?
  3. What is your favorite excuse? :-)
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