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The Anxiety Cure: Exercising Is A Must!

(Court Hammer) - Exercise Is a MustIn order to eliminate anxiety for good, exercise is one of the key components and is a must. That doesn’t mean you need to work out for hours every day at the gym. It is recommended that you exercise anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour every other day.

The routines you do, should work on your whole body and it is a better idea if you jog a bit. Don’t exhaust yourself in the process. Make sure that you enjoy the workout and don’t get bored of it.

Often when people decide to make a change and start working on their health, they begin exercising for a month and quit. Others continue with the motivation for a few months, and the rest, make it a habit.

Yes! There are always times when you get a bit tired of working out and you take a break for a few weeks, but, it is important that you get right back on track.

Develop a system where you aren’t forced to exercise. It should be done willingly and by doing so you’ll have an overall good feeling.

Make exercise a priority and you won’t quit. In a few days you’ll start feeling better and within weeks you’ll be hooked. It’ll become a second nature and you’ll see how it goes hand in hand with your anxiety recovery.

The longer and more committed you become to your physical health, the better you’ll feel mentally, and that’s a guarantee. Remember to keep track of your progress.

I recommend, you build a workout of body weight exercises at the beginning, and if you feel the need, with time consider joining a gym. Don’t underestimate the power that exercise has on your mental and physical health. It helps your breathing, your blood flow and your overall good feeling. Think of it as: “a healthy mind in a healthy body” and you’ll see the results of good feeling within weeks or even days. When I say results I don’t mean that you’ll have a lean body within days, what I mean is a good positive way of thinking, your spirit will be uplifted, you’ll feel stronger, alert, relaxed and focused.

Don’t make up excuses and try to convince yourself that you don’t have time to exercise. If you have time to watch TV, read a book, meet friends or even drown in anxiety then you obviously have 30 minutes every other day to exercise.

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