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The Relationship Between Panic Attacks and Alcohol

A lot of people tend to drink alcohol when they feel stressed and anxious thinking that it could help them relax and relieve their depression. But such approach to cope with the specific feelings is not advisable as it has been proven that alcohol could lead to panic attacks, especially if you have a panic disorder. It has been noted that the more alcohol a patient of such condition consumes, the greater the risk he has of increasing the intensity of his panic attacks.

The Relationship Between Panic Attacks and AlcoholPanic attacks and alcohol have been linked to each other because alcohol acts as a depressant and it tends to increase a person’s anxiety levels. Researchers said that a person’s heart beat could be increased by alcohol intake and it could also put someone’s nervous system into a high state of hyperactivity, which could eventually lead to a panic attack.

More and more people who are not aware of several panic attack causes are experiencing the condition nowadays and alcohol have been marked as the main cause. The link between panic attacks and alcohol is an important fact for people who are suffering from anxiety disorders because a lot of them still think that it can help them relax.

Alcohol has already been part of people’s lives as some prefer to have it during their past times. For people who are dealing with panic disorders, consuming alcohol would only worsen their conditions because it could lead to an increased erratic behavior.

Other drinks that should be avoided by a person who is suffering from panic attacks are: coffee, energy drinks, dark English tea and acid drinks.

Although one drink could not trigger a panic attack, it is still risky because most people do not stop at one drink. If you are one of those people who are suffering from panic disorder, you must avoid alcohol at all costs because it could worsen your problems and cause you to drink more which also leads you to deal with unpleasant consequences.

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