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Understanding Anxiety will Make You an Effective Support System

“I am having an anxiety attack and I don’t know what to do,” most distressed people say. But, what is anxiety and anxiety disorder, and how can we help people with such condition?

Understanding Anxiety will Make You and Effective Support SystemExperts say that anxiety is common in all of us as life’s pressure causes us to worry sometimes.

There are many ordinary things in our daily routine that causes us to experience anxiety without even being aware of it. Understanding anxiety would help us realize why there are instances when we are having a terrible feeling about certain scenarios or events that keeps us from concentrating and reacting to it in a relaxed way.

There are two types of anxiety, the everyday anxiety and anxiety disorder. Everyday anxiety is normal concerns such as worrying about paying bills, having a romantic break-up, or experiencing realistic fear of dangerous situation. While an anxiety disorder includes events that interfere with daily life such constant and unconfirmed worries that cause significant distress. Some people who are suffering from anxiety disorder also have social anxiety that leads them to staying away from social situations for fear of being embarrassed in front of many people, and being judged and humiliated.

There are many social anxiety symptoms that cause people to stay away from crowds and stop them from meeting new friends.

Understanding anxiety will also allow us to understand why we need to support people who are struggling with anxiety disorder because they need to be understood and supported.

Patients of such conditions need more than psychotherapy and medication in order to deal with their problems. If you have someone close to you who are significantly struggling with an anxiety disorder and are afraid of seeking professional help, you can be a supportive relative or friend and act as an important influence by encouraging that person in taking the first step.

There would also come a time that you’ll get worn out and frustrated, because understanding people with such condition is not an easy task. But if you’re determined in giving support to that person, you should also activate your own support system by talking to a therapist and adviser.

You also have to understand that people with anxiety disorder need friends that can make their lives easy and enjoyable. Being a fun person to be with will help them feel relaxed and would make you a very important and effective support.

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