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Wedding Anxiety: Finding Out Pre-Wedding Jitters.

Wedding anxiety or jitters is a common condition for soon to be brides and grooms, and the engaged couples and the society are aware of this and accepts it as a normal situation that any soon to be married couples could go through. There are also instances wherein the couple needs to postpone the event or even cancel it. For some people the condition becomes unhealthy and is already greatly affecting their daily lives.

How are we going to determine if a normal wedding anxiety is already unhealthy? According to experts some anxiety helps us to avoid harmful situations because it prepares us to face a certain problem or situation and it motivates us to take action. But there are times when a normal anxiety becomes extreme and is already affecting how a certain person deals with a certain matter in an unhealthy way.

This kind of anxiety will force a person to severely worry about a given situation, like in a wedding where the couple loses sleep over the thought of having their dresses, the wedding site and the reception turn to be quite not right. This kind of extreme concern will affect the couple’s family, social interactions and even work which could turn matters into worst.

However, extreme anxiety could differ in a wedding because getting married itself is an extreme situation where a couple makes major decisions that could change their lives. Only if the worry about the wedding becomes devastating and has paralyzed a certain person, then it may be an indication of an anxiety disorder.

One example that the anxiety of a person about his upcoming wedding in already unhealthy is the obsession of hand printing each single invitation and throw it into the trash can if a letter is imperfect. Avoiding or manipulating a certain situation to avoid anxiety is another sign of the person is already having a disorder. For example, a bride is so worried about tripping while walking down the aisle that she cancels the wedding.

Dealing with an anxiety attack during a wedding preparation can be managed and there are several anxiety attack treatments available. All you need to do is seek for immediate help and cooperate during the treatment.

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