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What are Panic Attacks in Elderly People?

Each one of us, even the children, experiences anxiety and this feeling could be part of our daily lives. Worrying about the future is a common concern of every human being that is already aware about their surroundings and started to build their dreams. Some anxiety is normal and could even help people to be productive because it will push them to make certain actions that would help them properly establish their lives.

However, in some extent, such feeling becomes a psychiatric disorder that is disruptive and could disable a person’s life. This kind of health problem could eventually lead to panic attacks, which is common in elderly people because this age group experience more losses and suffers from chronic conditions that could also cause more pain.

Panic attacks in elderly people or any given age that resulted to an anxiety disorder could be related to many factors that caused trauma and not because of lack of character or some moral weakness. Causes of panic attacks differ from one person to another because it usually comes from different stressors and traumatic experiences. It is a health problem that needs attention, care and understanding from people that surrounds them.

Most people who are suffering from such health problem are repeatedly experiencing flashbacks of the experiences that caused them to have a trauma. Images, thoughts and dreams are the common stressors that could remind them of their traumatic experience and caused them to be extremely distressed.
Care of panic attacks in elderly people is quite different from young people who are also dealing with the illness. An elderly is weaker than a child who is also suffering from panic attacks. They are more emotional because they sometimes feel alone and having self pity because they are no longer capable of doing things that they normally do.

If you personally know an elderly who is suffering from these conditions, you need to know that proper medication and therapies coming from physicians are not the only treatments they need. They also need you. Your support and loving care will assure them that they are not alone in facing the difficult condition.

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