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What Causes Panic Attack?

Have you ever felt fear along with intense sweating while you can’t breath and your heart is bating fast you don’t know what to do your hand are shaking you feel like you’re going crazy? If yes, then you’ve experienced a panic attack. If not, you’re one lucky guy/girl. You may want to continue reading to know what causes it to prevent it from happening.

1. Genetic – Do you know someone in your family who has experienced this? If yes, then get ready. If not, congratulations again. Panic attacks and anxiety can be passed on genetically or hereditary. Once you have confirmed it runs in your blood, beware and take preventive actions.

2. Biological – Some parts of our body are just so hyper, and certain hyperness or too much of one thing may cause outrage and panic attack in our body. This is exactly the point of having a healthy lifestyle. Balance is the key, my friend.

3. Environmental – Environmental factors highly contribute to panic attacks. Certain experiences, memories, and happenings could engrave fear on someone and lead to anxiety.

4. Medication – Some medications may cause long time anxiety and trigger panic attacks

5. Hyperventilation – Try to breath properly at all times. Well, that the rule when you have anxiety to prevent panic attacks. Stay away from places with no proper ventilation. Always check the air you breath.

6. Phobia – If we’re talking about panic attacks, nothing could trigger it more than your greatest fears. If you have arachnophobia and you see an eight-legged freak, there’s a 99% chance that you’ll have a panic attack.

7. Situation – It is almost the same as having phobias. When you are put in a situation where you feel uncomfortable and tense, you are likely to have a panic attack.

8. Chest breathing Рwhen we feel uncomfortable, we tend to breath deeply and from our chest. It is a common misconception to breath as much air as we can when in panic. This is not good. We get the uncomfortable feeling not because of lack of air but because of  too much of it. Relaxing and controlling our breath is much more effective and helpful.

9. Pharmacological – Some people seek refuge in coffee, cigarettes, or alcohol when depressed. It may give us instant or short time relief, but once it bounce back it’s double the trouble. They have long term effects that trigger future panic attacks that are more difficult to treat. Among all the liquids out there, it’s still best to stick with water.

10. Fight – or – flight response – when faced with big threat or problem, it is a natural human reaction to choose between the two. Along with choosing that, whatever you choose, is a panic attack.

Remember that the points mentioned above varies from person to person. It is still best to consult to a professional to know more about your condition.


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