Anxiety Disorders

Everyone on this planet, at one point or another had anxiety or felt anxious. That may have been during childhood or as adults, because of stress, a test, fear of loss, embarrassment etc'. However, some people can't find a way out of it and develop an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders are behavioral conditions (they are not mental illnesses) where the sufferer cannot control his or her fears which causes their anxiety levels to rise and eventually experience physical symptoms known as "attacks". If not taken proper care of the anxiety sufferer may drown in depression.

The anxiety and panic attacks information we cover and solutions we provide in this website are designed to help anyone who feels anxious and is looking for remedy. We focus mainly on Anxiety Attacks, Panic Attacks/ Disorders and social Anxiety disorder; however, you will also find information and treatments for: PTSD, OCD and other anxiety disorders.

As an ex sufferer I know exactly what anxiety is and how it could interfere with living a normal life. I also know that there is a cure for anxiety that doesn't require addictive medication. I know this because I suffered for more than 7 years from severe anxiety and today I am in control of my thoughts and feelings. I live a free life and you will too!

Latest Articles

Dealing With Insensitive Remarks

Dealing with mental illness or disorder is not easy. Having people who don’t understand what you are going through is much worse. These comments come different people, and the effect they have varies. Even our closest family member may give remarks that can really get to us and have serious negative effects. Whether they mean […]

Sleep Walking: Why, When, How?

We are all familiar with Sleep Walking and may know someone who experiences it. It is a sleep disorder where the person unconsciously does things that are normally done awake all while sleeping.¬†While sleep walking does not have any proven health risk, it still poses danger to the person and the people around him/her due […]

Let Your Pet Relieve Your Anxiety

There are times when life gets so tough and leaves us feeling alone and helpless. During these times, some of us call our closest friend, mom, or sister/brother for help. But for some of us who prefer being alone, we get clouded with sadness and just cry all alone by ourselves. For people with pets, […]

How to Comfort Someone With Anxiety

It is not easy to know whether or not a close relative or friend who is suffering from anxiety or depression, and when we do, we try our best to comfort them. But how should we do it? Is there a correct or wrong way of comforting someone battling with anxiety and depression? As a […]

What Causes Panic Attack?

Have you ever felt fear along with intense sweating while you can’t breath and your heart is bating fast you don’t know what to do your hand are shaking you feel like you’re going crazy? If yes, then you’ve experienced a panic attack. If not, you’re one lucky guy/girl. You may want to continue reading […]

Social Anxiety: It May Look Like Being Shy, But It’s Not

You stand in front of the class for a presentation. You were able to force yourself to un-glue yourself from your seat. Congratulations. You can’t, however, bring yourself to read the first line of your report. This is just one of the scenarios people with social anxiety go through every single day. The thing is, […]

Promotion Anxiety

When we think of promotions, we also think of happiness, money, better life, and all the good things associated with having a higher rank in your office. Who doesn’t want to get promoted? Of course we all do. But as a quotes says, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Having a higher rank can be […]

Unemployment Anxiety

From the name itself, we already know what causes Unemployment Anxiety. Not only in America, but around the world, we hear factories closing, businesses failing, and companies firing more and more employees. This article was not meant to teach you how to get a new job, or keep your current position. This, however, aims to […]

Save your kid from bullying and depression

Bullying has caused a widespread alarm around the world. With the increasing number of teens and kids committing suicide because of bullying, several organizations, schools, and parents are now taking a stand against it. Despite the campaigns and acts preventing it, there are still instances when bullying becomes too much for the child to handle […]

Career Anxiety: Let’s delete it

There are numbers of reasons why people get career anxiety. There’s being underpaid, underemployed, office drama, and many other things that comes with being employed (or unemployed). How do we solve it? Of course, just like any other form of anxiety, this is not easy to cure. But one thing’s for sure: it’s curable. First, […]