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Hi my name is Yoel Cohen and I am an ex anxiety sufferer. I suffered from anxiety, panic and social phobia for almost a decade. Today I know that my situation got worse because I neglected it and quite frankly I didn’t know that I suffered from anxiety for the first 3 years.  Once I found out, I was quite ashamed of it.

I am not a therapist or someone who claims to have a magical cure for anxiety “That will cure you in 10 minutes…” I developed my methods and techniques through trial and error and I eventually found what works and what doesn’t.

Funny thing is that curing anxiety and everything related to it: Panic attacks, social phobia, OCD and so on, was easier than I thought it to be. I joined numerous programs and therapy sessions in attempt to cure my anxiety. Some were helpful and some were pure baloney!

I actually came up with my own techniques, principles and understandings which helped me get rid of my anxiety. Once discovered, I thought that it was something that would work only for me. I decided to spread the word to my fellow anxiety friends whom I met along the way and had much in common.

I found that my techniques and principles worked and were more than just luck. Some people were cured within weeks, for some it took a few months and unfortunately on some people it had no effect.

After getting feedback it seemed that the people who had seen no significant results within a few days, decided to abandon my techniques, which might explain why they weren’t cured. I do understand them though. Anxiety is not something easy to live with and is very confusing. It disrupts your life in such ways that clutters your thoughts and makes you think negatively.

We all want quick solutions, however, sometimes salvation takes more than a day or two. You must have a burning desire to eliminate anxiety and believe you can. You must be ripe for my system to work for you, it is easy to understand and follow but you must be determined to follow it.

I decided to create this website once I saw that the techniques I developed actually help people. I publish useful tips as often as I can in attempt to help as many people as I can.

You will also find a Course I created, on this website. The course is the complete system I put together for any person who finds the information on my website useful and wants to take my knowledge to the next level. It is a written course which I charge a very affordable price for. I know that you will find it very helpful and it will help you cure anxiety. For that same reason I decided to let anyone who has an interest, try it for 10 days without paying anything. You can sign up as a free member to find out more about the course and decide whether it is for you, in the members area.

I would like to thank you for visiting my website and I really hope you get better soon. If you have any questions or requests please contact me.

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