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Alcohol Affects Anxiety and Triggers Panic Attacks

Alcohol Triggers Anxiety SymptomsSome people drink occasionally, some often and some not at all. It’s ok to have a cocktail or your favorite alcoholic beverage, but when you suffer from anxiety it will make your symptoms worse and may even cause severe attacks.

Some people who suffer from anxiety or panic think that by drinking they will make the situation better when in fact it is making it worse. Let me explain. Think about the affect alcohol has on your body, whether physically or emotionally. You aren’t in control, that’s for sure and you may even feel nausea or headaches. Those symptoms are very similar to anxiety symptoms. Now, when drinking you may feel ease with the first glass of beer or whatever you like drinking, but, as you drink another one you may start to feel self conscious.

If you use benzodiazepines and mix it with alcohol, you are making a big mistake because it can depress both breathing and blood pressure, possibly causing coma or death. I understand that you want to feel more comfortable when socializing, but every time you drink that shot or ask the bartender for another “White Russian” you are in fact moving towards your anxiety symptoms than away from them.

Alcohol and Depression

Alcohol often triggers many panic attacks and even cause depression and you don’t have to have anxiety to experience that! Isn’t that the last thing you need when in the process of eliminating anxiety? I’m not saying that you’ll never drink again. You can have a drink here or there but don’t be obsessed over the idea. If at any point you feel bad when drinking that means that your anxiety levels are getting worse and you should take a break.

The only way to do so is by forcing yourself to quit, even for a short while, start with 2 weeks. You have enough things on your mind as it is. You can be anxiety free very quickly, and when you learn the techniques I teach you, you’ll feel more comfortable when drinking. You won’t experience the “Alcohol Anxiety Symptoms” you feel today. Once you complete the Reject Anxiety Course you won’t need to use medication to calm your symptoms. Do yourself a favor and take it easy with the drinking until you get your thoughts together. Later on you’ll enjoy alcohol without worrying or feeling self conscious.

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I am curious how to cure my anxiety after drinking. Whether its two beers or ten I end up with panic attacks. I want to be able to have a drink here or there and socialize now and then without the fear of an attack. Any advice would be useful.

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