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Anxiety Attacks in Class: How to Deal with it?

If you have children who are experiencing anxiety attacks in class and are already scared of interacting with their classmates and teachers because they might get a wrong answer and will not be able to do a task correctly, then you have to understand that it is not only you who is responsible in dealing with your children’s condition but also the school’s faculty because they are your children’s direct contact when you are not there to guide them.

You need to consider that your child needs encouragement to deal with the issue very well because if it will not be addressed correctly and goes on any longer, the child might be scared for a while. If you see that a certain teacher has not given her full attention to this matter, invite her to join your counseling so that she will know the kind of assistance that your child needs.

Anxiety attacks in class may get worse after your child move from one level to another because eventually they will be encouraged to work more independently and each of their teachers’ expectations from them will increase. For more difficult school curriculums, children are expected to interact with the class more often and are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. For children who are suffering from anxiety, especially with social anxiety, such tasks would be difficult and proper guidance and understanding is needed from the teachers and classmates.

There are many social anxiety symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored, because students who are manifesting these indications could develop a more serious condition if the problem will not be treated immediately. Students who are dealing with such condition should be encouraged to join small groups for them to practice proper social interactions and cope with their worries to commit simple mistakes. Visiting the schools counselor once in awhile is also helpful because it can help them feel good about themselves and share their problems in class.

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