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Anxiety Disorders: How Often Do Your Symptoms Change?

Brain and the Amygdala: The Source of Anxiety SymptomsAnyone who suffers from anxiety for a long time (usually over a year) knows that the symptoms don’t always remain constant. What I mean is that for example, your heart ,might pound every time you have an attack for 3  months and then after 3 months you may experience Stomach upset or dizziness or even Frequent urination or diarrhea which makes dealing with anxiety even more difficult.

The problem with treating anxiety symptoms

Anxiety disorder symptoms always change. You want to get over them and you start focusing on treating your symptoms. They eventually fade away, which makes you feel good for a while, you actually think that your over it. You enjoy life for a weeks, a month or even a year and the suddenly you experience another attack and you know its anxiety.

Anxiety is like a tree! The branches and leaves (the crown), metaphorically speaking, are your symptoms. If you try to trim the branches or leaves they will grow back again, it’s just a matter of time! Meaning, to end anxiety you must take the roots of the tree out of the ground or chop the trunk of the tree. Makes sense?

How To Stop The Symptoms

To end anxiety and get rid of the symptoms, may they be panic attacks, OCD, social anxiety etc’. You must learn how to be stronger than anxiety and that my friend is a process. It doesn’t mean that it is a long one. I’ve seen people curing themselves within a few weeks and some even within days, with my guidance.

You will end your anxiety and won’t have any more symptoms once you truly understand that you are bigger than anxiety and that you aren’t afraid of it. Any fear will just become a simple thought that has no significance whatsoever!

I’d like to help guide and educate you even more!

Answer this question:

What anxiety symptoms have you experienced and did they ever change?

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prasant sharma

i have the problem of Anxiety i always be in tension..
i am very worried about that laike a mad..
so can u help or suggest me some?


Severe health anxiety about my heart. If I didn’t have the physical symptom I wouldn’t get anxious and stressed out.

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