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The Fear of Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Overcome Fear and AnxietyIf you are an anxiety sufferer you obviously know that you are driven by fear. The conscious actions (anxiety symptoms) you are forced to take won’t stop until you learn how to escape “the fear cycle” and that can only be accomplished when you learn how to overcome fear the fear of anxiety.

The less fear your subconscious mind is occupied with the less you’ll suffer from anxiety and the closer you’ll be to living a life of freedom.

It is crucial that you understand that fear is what causes anxiety to continue. That is the only way you’ll understand that by overcoming your fears you will live anxiety free.

With that in mind I would like to point out that overcoming fear is a process and isn’t something that can be achieved overnight. That doesn’t mean it needs to be a long process. I am saying that because I don’t want to disappoint you by making you think that there is some sort of magical pill or some special kind of hypnotherapy that can help you overcome fear. I will however guide you as to how to overcome your fears but before, there are some important things you should know…

First of all you should know that many anxiety sufferers try to overcome fear in the wrong way. They think that by confronting their fears directly, they will somehow overcome them. Although this is a good solution at a later stage it should not be used at the beginning because it may cause more anxiety as the anxiety sufferer might get “cold feet”.

The correct way to overcome fear would be to first of all build your general self esteem and self confidence. Once you do that you’ll feel better about yourself and more motivated. If your nervous in public speaking then you can relate to this even more!

The next thing you should do is overcome only one of your fears. Experts advise to “tackle” your smallest fear first. Accomplish this by confronting it directly and without any pressure. Don’t try to overcome any other fears until you successfully overcome your smallest fear first.

When you accomplish that you’ll understand that you can overcome all of your fears because they are just fiction of your imagination. Every phobia you overcome the better you’ll feel about yourself and that will help you build your self confidence and self esteem even more.

Here’s an interesting post I found on Federal Occupational Health (FOH) website about overcoming fears.

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3 Replies to “The Fear of Overcoming Fear and Anxiety”

Rachel McRoy

This is a really great post!

It is simple and to the point and I think it is very accurate. I have many situations where I want to overcome my fears but then I “chicken out”. Makes sense!


I think it depends on whether you are ready and truly understand that fear is not real…

Good info,

megan foster

i think its like being stronger than your thoughts. I get bad panic attacks when i’m around people i don’t know. like my brain get’s all these negative thoughts…i like what you wrote about self esteem sooo true!

thanks and hope you post more


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