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Social Anxiety Counseling in Teenagers

Social anxiety is a challenging condition for young people because at some point of their lives they need to deal with different personalities to be able to practice and develop their social skills. Being able to socialize well with many people is also an advantage for a person who would like to have many connections that will soon help them in their future professional lives.

There are many causes of social anxiety, and for some it usually starts when they were still young. Students who have low self esteem and have a hurtful past social experience often develops fear of rejection and are very concerned of other’s approval.

These social anxiety symptoms could be manifested through avoidance of social activities and interactions with others. A student could be often absent during his campus’ extracurricular functions, will seldom participate in class and couldn’t start a conversation with others.

Most people who are suffering from social anxiety find it hard to ask for help and to stand up for themselves during difficult situations. That is why social anxiety counseling is very helpful in order for a patient to overcome the condition.

If you are a teacher or a counselor and you are aware that a certain student is suffering from such health problem, you can serve as one of their support systems in school because it is where they spend most of their time. You can assist the student in correcting their wrong beliefs by changing their unrealistic expectations of their own behavior. Encourage them to speak out and join activities and assure them that others will not condemn them if they commit a mistake.

Social anxiety counseling in teenagers could also include encouraging them to interact with their fellow students until many people will start to feel more familiar to them. Joining a special interest group or service organizations will also allow them to meet people that they can work with.

These patients need support and understanding. If people around them will start to see their needs, it will be easy for them to deal with the condition and can cope up with it easily.

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