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Social Anxiety Techniques: Proper ways to Beat Anxiety

Following helpful social anxiety techniques will allow a patient to manage his condition well as these practices are also important components of several behavioral treatments that are designed specifically for social anxiety disorder. Each of these treatments differs as every patient have separate needs. If a certain person who is suffering from social anxiety is dealing with fear of public speaking, then his treatment may include techniques such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation.

There are four techniques that may be used in beating social anxiety, and a patient may use these as part of their treatment to help them recover from the problem. Diaphragmatic breathing, which is normally called as deep breathing, is among the social anxiety techniques that are used in dealing with anxiety disorder. This kind of breathing will expand a patients’ diaphragm as they breathe allowing their stomach to slowly rise and fall, instead of their chest. Experiencing shallow breathes during an anxiety attack is mostly common and such discomfort contributes to the symptoms of anxiety. Practicing how to breathe slowly and deeply in a relaxed position will help you manage stress.

Diaphragmatic breathing may be performed through progressive muscle relaxation by alternating your tensed and relaxed muscles to induce full-body relaxation. On the other hand, progressive muscle relaxation may be done through autogenic training which can also be called as meditation. In performing meditation, a series of repetitive statements may be used by a patient to tell himself about the different parts of his body. By repeating these statements, a patient’s autonomic nervous system, may be influenced as well as his heart.

Autogenic training may be practiced through guided imagery which will use all of a patient’s senses to imagine that they are in a relaxed setting. This process will allow a patient’s body to enter a relaxed state.

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