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Two Elements to Consider in Counselling Anxiety

Normal anxiety and nervousness are common feelings that affect each one of us. But some degrees are excessive and unreasonable and needs to be consulted with a health professional’s help.

Two Elements to Consider in Counseling AnxietyIn counselling anxiety, it is important to determine if such condition is becoming unmanageable and already fall on the anxiety disorder category, which is a more severe form of normal anxiety. Symptoms of such condition includes an extreme fear of dying, excessive worrying about something bad that might happen in the future, a sudden and unexplained occurrence of panic attacks and too much fear coming from a unpleasant memories of a past trauma.

However, not all people who suffer from anxiety problems have the same symptoms as everyone is unique from each other. There are also two elements to consider in counselling anxiety, and these are Cognitive and Behavioral.

Cognitive element to counselling is defined as how a person thinks about the world and how he perceives it. It also assumes that what a certain person think about any given situation affects how he feels about it. Using cognitive element in counselling a person who suffers from anxiety, a counselor will assist the patient in examining what it is that makes a situation terrifying and hard to deal with.

Behavioral element to counselling, on the other hand, focuses on the actions of a certain person suffering from anxiety. It will help patients to do things in a different way and discover the consequences. The patients will be asked to keep a record the times that they are being anxious, along with their thoughts and feelings.

The counselor will help a patient to be aware on what is real and will give you support on convincing yourself that your thought patterns are not based on good evidence and what you mostly fear a lot is not likely to happen. The aim of the approach is to help people who suffer from anxiety is to help them develop the right coping skills.

Counselling is usually done to cure anxiety attacks that are often uncontrollable. It will help patients cope with the stressful condition and could bring them back to reality.

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das@anxiety symptoms

You are right counseling is the right way to prevent anxiety disorder but before coming to counseling patient must know very well about the symptoms and signs, it will be help both counselor and patient

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