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What Does The Reject Anxiety Technique Do?

Reject Anxiety - ButterflyWe’ve been getting many questions about the reject anxiety technique and what it is designed to do. So in order to provide our readers with more value and information we decided to give an overview of the technique!

The Technique:

The reject anxiety technique is designed to stimulate four important senses in a subtle way and by stimulating the senses you relax your brain because it is once again in control. With the help of your conscious mind your subconscious mind will relax and the attack will stop immediately.

In addition to relaxing your brain, the technique also increases the amount of oxygen which goes directly to your brain and that alone is known as a pain killer. It is not a deep breathing technique and it is very easy to learn and master.

The technique can be used in every situation. You can use the technique when you have a panic attack, when you feel high levels of anxiety, when you’re in a social meeting and even if you’re having trouble sleeping and you just want to relax.

Once you master the technique and you try it a few times, you won’t fear an attack creeping back unexpectedly, simply because you’ll know what to do. You’ll be in control.

The Surroundings

The technique was designed to look very natural and not break the mood. This is important because when a person panics or has an anxiety attack the people around, if any, can look at the sufferer in a puzzled way which causes the person who is experiencing the attack to panic even more.

It is important that when you experience an attack and use the technique you focus only on the technique and nothing other. You shouldn’t mind the surroundings. Remember, it is your life and you can do whatever you want with it. Health is one thing that only you can take care of. No one but you is responsible for your health.

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