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What is the Connection of Anxiety Attacks and Caffeine?

Many people love drinking coffee and some have already made it part of their morning routine. Coffee drinkers are usually enjoying their day taking a sip before going to work and it has been a practice that most of them are used of doing every day.

However, experts say that such routine is not advisable to people who are suffering from anxiety disorders because caffeine had been proven to be one of the triggers of panic attacks. There are also a number of foods and drinks that contain caffeine but not all of these foods could trigger the attack.

Anxiety attacks and caffeine are not always related to each other because it varies in different people. And it does not necessarily mean that if a patient will eliminate the intake of caffeine, they will not experience these attacks anymore. A patient should keep in mind that panic attacks are not caused by the intake of caffeinated foods alone, but it has a lot of triggering factors that needs to be considered by the person who is suffering from such health problem.

Causes of anxiety attacks also includes poor diet, too much stress, negative thought patterns over time and some other environmental factors. Although anxiety and caffeine could be linked to each other, the fact remains that only an excessive intake of such ingredient could put a patient who is suffering from anxiety to a risk of experiencing a panic attack.

A patient with an anxiety disorder may not deprive himself of consuming caffeine because it’ effects may be controlled by reducing the amount of intake. A patient may find a level of caffeine that works for them without increasing their anxiety and may stick with that level.

If you are suffering from such condition you can decide whether to keep caffeine in your diet or not, because you are the only person who can decide what is too much for you. Asking for your physician’s assistance will also help you decide what diet would be best for you.

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4 Replies to “What is the Connection of Anxiety Attacks and Caffeine?”


dear all

the report you published about anxiety is exactly correct what i had happened for last four months i have been suffering from anxiety , my panic attack started from just a coffee while i had dizziness and little tension, this panic attack changed my life and i am not able work any more with my company. but i have an a hope i one day i will recover from this anxiety sympotms


as you mentioned before when you are empty bowel with little tension (its depend upon persons health and immune )dont ever have a coffee. its triggering an attack


I drink coffee every day or just about and i can truthfully say that an extra amount of coffee one day combined with a semi stressfull incident turned into an extra horrible experience. I actually thought I was going to have a heart atack or pass out from breathing too fast. I had experienced minor attacks in the past but not like this one. It was scary. I still drink coffee on an almost daily basis and nothing like that has happened since?

panic disorder treatment

This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
Finally I’ve found something which helped
me. Thank you!

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